Sunday, February 19, 2012

14 weeks and 2 days!

I made it I made it!!! FINALLY!! I never thought this day would come! Well a lot has happened since my last post So let's get started with the funny story of the week!

Funny Story: Tyler (My husband) and I decided that we were going to exchange he's Valentine's Day gift, I picked out the wrong kind of hostel for his gun :( I was feeling a little nauseous but nothing out of the normal. After we got his gift all picked out we decided to head on over to Waffle House as I have been craving some serious waffles and pancakes. When we got to Waffle House I started to get a little sick in the parking lot TMI I know but it's part of the story! LOL I finally start to feel better and we head in and I have 3 waffles!!! I was feeling on top of the world!!!Tyler had to stop by Piggly Wiggly (The only grocery store in this town!) to get some dog food, so we get in the car and head literally across the street, well in a matter of seconds I start feeling really really sick Tyler being the smart guy that he is parks in the last parking spot in the parking lot so no one would see me getting sick and no one would accidentally run into the mess (Again TMI but it's part of the story LOL)Tyler runs inside to get the dog food and I precede getting sick, as I'm in the middle of throwing up two police cars pull up in front of the truck and ask

Officer:"Mam are you OK?"
Officer: "Have you been drinking tonight?"
ME: No I'm pregnant BLAHHHH
Officer: They say no more and drive away
Mind you it's 8:00pm on a Friday night!

Tyler finally gets back, and of course I'm on a pregnant rant about how DUM police officers are!

I started craving Pancakes,Waffles,Sour Patch Kids, CELERY (I LOVE CELERY!!!) Target Popcorn, and frozen cherry Cokes! A bunch of unhealthy junk, but I'm just happy most of it doesn't come back for a second visit! :) (TMI again sorry)

I've also been getting Round Ligament Pains, totally a jolt of pain (Not to bad but it still kinda hurts)

My belly button is becoming more shallow, I still think it will take a long time for it to POP out, but I'm beginning to think that it actually will.. Only time will tell.

Maternity clothes have become my new best friend, and I LOVE whoever invented spandex!!!

My face looks like a Pizza!

I'm currently still experiencing Morning (Really night) sickness :( but it's getting way better than it once was.

I'll post a new picture tonight! (We're going bowling with our new friends tonight and it gives me a reason to dress cute and put make-up on ha ha)

If you have any questions please let me know :)

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  1. Wow, I had no idea Piggly Wiggly still existed! Haha great puking story with the cops, too!