Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 13 and 3 days TODAY!

So I am very EXCITED that I only have 4 more days left in the first trimester!

My nausea and vomiting I think has finally started to go away, the first 10 weeks were the worse (We also did a pretty huge move doing that time too, my poor husband basically moved everything himself as Mr. John (AKA the toilet) and I were becoming great friends! I started feeling some minor relief around week 11, week 12 was a little better and now we are in week 13 and I'm feeling wayyyyyyy Better. (I won't go into details, but I haven't gotten sick in the past 3 days that a huge record) I do however still get nauseous as soon as I lay down to go to sleep, last night I thought I was going to lose it but I kept thinking we have to keep this record up! HA HA

Funny note- Tyler and I have managed to compare getting sick to sports, he's the coach and I'm the team player ha ha We do things like when I do get sick we call it a hole in one! Or after I get sick I act like I scored a touchdown (I know it sounds weird, but when this not so happy thing happens you really just have to make the best of it! I'm not going to lie it makes me feel a lot better and most of the time we both end up laughing!!! (Let's make sure Tyler doesn't find out I just shared this with the world) ;)

Now for the fun stuff! The questions I'm sure all you all wondering!

Are you currently wearing maternity clothes? Uh Yes pretty much starting week 5 I could no longer wear any of my pants, If you visit my Pinterest you will see directions on making your own maternity pants (If you know me I'm cheap, I refuse to pay 40.00 for a pair of jeans I may wear 5 more months) If I get really bored I may just make my own tutorial and show you all how I did it! Anyway I have made a pair of skinny jeans (Gotta still wear my boots) and a pair of Express Maternity wide legs ha (It cost me a grand total for both $5.00, I used two really old pair of jeans)

Belly button in or out? It's in I think it's going to be in for a long time, I have a super duper deep belly button. LOL

Have you felt any movement?
I'm sure you all are going to think that I'm crazy but YES I can feel it move! It actually started about 3 days ago when I was coughing, I noticed every time I would cough my stomach would drop (Kinda like if you were going over a hill and your stomach drops) I thought it was a bit weird and really thought nothing of it. Later that day I was in my car and I started getting the same feelings, but this time it kinda felt like something was doing circles in my stomach. So I did what every smart first time mom would do I Googled it! Dr. Google explained to me that some woman can feel movement as early as 13 weeks (however most of these mom's have already had a baby) Interesting... so I thought a lot about my body and how this could be possible and this is what I came up with I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary syndrome) I have alot of cystic and every time I get a cystic I can feel it, doesn't matter how big or small I know it's there. When I ovulate it feels like I am having appendicitis (I know this now, that I'm pregnant since I really wasn't ovulating before) So I put all of this together and came up with the conclusion that I am super sensitive inside, and that's why I can feel Baby Mac move so EARLY!

Ps- I can feel Baby Mac move alot now throughout the day, baby Mac was not a fan of the Safehouse! (It was a GREAT movie tho)

Have any food cravings? Sour punch kids are the BEST! Publix cupcakes, celery and Kool Aid

Anything that you don't like now that you did before? Meat BLAH I think I'm just going to be a vegetarian, It's been 10 weeks! LOL

If you guys have any questions that you'd like me to answer just post them at the bottom!

Here it is my 13 week photo!


  1. Hey pretty sure youre not hiding a secret twin?! You are adorable :) I had the same problems with the first trimester it was quite funny, we would go to nice dinners and as soon as we would pull up scott would be looking for me and I was putting dinner away in the bushes lol...anyway that movement you feel...dont get too excited pretty sure its gas. Baby isnt big enough yet, his/her arms arent quite long enough lol...gas is like the vomiting, get ready to make fun. I spent 7 years never farting in front of scott, well the last few months have been a contest much fun! As soon as my maternity clothes dont fit me anymore they might fit you, I can send them to you! They are actually pretty cute...and the jeans last a while. Im 6 1/2 months and they still fit, bought them at 13 weeks, so the investment isnt too bad. Old Navy has sales all the thier xtra large stuff, it looks like youre wearing cute big the meat thing SAME ISSUE and it still hasnt really gone away. Lots of greek yogurt, not albecore tuna, and peanut butter...get ur protein!!! Oh one more thing, lots of fiber and a probiotic...if not youll be so sorry :) love you and lovethat youre doing a blog so cute!

  2. Awe Morgan I'm not having twins ha ha We did think we might be for a little while, but it just turns out my uterus is faced outward (I have alot of baby making inside problems ha ha) I feel huge and I can only imagine how much bigger I'm going to get! Ahh If you wouldn't mind I would be super grateful for any clothes you'd like to send my way. The Old Navy here doesn't carry maternity anything :( Good luck with baby boy, and we need to catch up! :)